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September 17 2014

September 15 2014

Scots wha hae via Steve Bell's If ...
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▶ Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Scottish Independence - YouTube

September 09 2014

September 04 2014

August 26 2014

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August 21 2014

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Romanticized vs. Realistic

as a member of Scotland I can confirm

August 11 2014

Scottish voters urged to consider Salmond’s ‘big pleading eyes’

In a last-ditch attempt to swing the vote in the Scottish independence referendum , the ‘Yes’ camp has launched a series of posters and television advertisements sponsored by the RSPCA.

The campaign focuses on the Scottish leader’s winning assets, namely his big brown eyes and ‘chobbly jowls’. The key argument is that ‘little Alex’ is a far more attractive option than any of the English pedigrees currently lolloping around Westminster marking their territory, and ‘eating the voters out of house and home’.

Scottish voters urged to consider Salmond’s ‘big pleading eyes’ | NewsBiscuit

August 06 2014

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Falkirk Wheel in Scotland

August 05 2014

Scottish Health Ministry warns against eating raw Mars Bars

Scottish Health ministry officials today issued an urgent report highlighting the growing risk of eating uncooked Mars Bars, claiming that the habit seems to have been introduced by visitors and immigrants from the south, who seem to be unaware of how the Mars Bar should be prepared for consumption.

Scottish Health Ministry warns against eating raw Mars Bars | NewsBiscuit
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July 09 2014

June 26 2014

Keeping in touch with your heritage via Bizarro Blog!
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June 10 2014

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May 15 2014

April 30 2014

Tae A Selfie

(Oan takin’ a hunner fur Facebook an’ postin’ when pished).

Oh my Goad, am feelin’ great;
Aff tae the dance flair tae gyrate.
Oor kitchen’s lookin’ like a sea
Of glam an’ glitter.
Am clingin’ tae ma bevvy ticht
In case a slitter.

Sippin’ oan ma rum an’ juice;
A must admit, am feelin’ loose,
And dinnae wahnt tae hink aboot
The morra’s heid.
A pray an’ hope ah’ll be jist fine
Efter a feed.

(follow the link for the full poem)
Tae A Selfie (A “broad Scots” poem inspired by the work of Robert Burns). | Writing by Lorna
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April 28 2014

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April 01 2014

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March 31 2014

‘Extremely difficult’ for independent Scotland to join EU Summer Time

Scotland’s time could be running out, after David Cameron’s declaration yesterday that an independent Scotland would be expelled from both British Summer Time and Greenwich Mean Time.

‘It would be extremely difficult for independent Scotland to join EU Summer Time’, said European Commission chief Jose Manuel Barroso today.

Alex Salmond is said to have approached President Obama, in a possible attempt to join New York Summer time.  With only six months to go until the referendum, Scotland needs a solution soon, or it could find itself permanently stuck at 9AM on Monday morning

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March 06 2014

Noise Tales are shocked.
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January 20 2014

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The Haggis pizza was to die for
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