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August 01 2018

March 28 2018

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July 10 2017

Pierwszy raz pokochała kogoś: naprawdę, na zabój, żarliwie, zachłannie, romantycznie, przekornie, szczerze, idealistycznie, niechcący... niepotrzebnie i w złym czasie.
— N. Belcik

April 19 2017

Fancy some Scottish history?

April 13 2017

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June 10 2015

Nicola Sturgeon interview on the The Daily Show (extended)

May 06 2015

May 04 2015

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April 30 2015

Loch Ness Monster threat to Tories

The Loch Ness Monster is an imminent threat to David Cameron’s Tories, according to Nessie experts.

The monster has been seen swimming up the River Thames towards the Houses of Parliament. Sightings of the legendary creature have been reported by several Tory election candidates. Nessie expert John McDonald said, ‘Something has aroused Nessie’s ire’, forcing the creature to abandon its normally quiet life in Scotland and turning it into ‘a Tory killing machine’.

‘Make no mistake,’ Mr McDonald added, ‘this creature can devour Tory politicians like there’s no tomorrow. Even Eric Pickles won’t be a swallowing problem.’ The monster is expected to reach Westminster next Thursday when, Mr McDonald predicted, ‘David Cameron is likely to be viewing Nessie’s innards’. Meanwhile there have been reports of a creature resembling a dragon making its way up the River Severn.

Loch Ness Monster threat to Tories | NewsBiscuit
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March 29 2015

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February 03 2015

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January 29 2015

The Great Polish Map of Scotland
General Maczek had once been shown an impressive outdoor map of land and water in the Netherlands demonstrating the working of the waterways (which had been an obstacle to the Polish forces progress in 1944). This had inspired Maczek and his companions to create The Great Polish Map of Scotland as a permanent three-dimensional reminder of Scotland’s hospitality to his compatriots.
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January 28 2015

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January 05 2015

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A Highland Coo and her calf wandering down an empty road, Argyll and the Isles, Scotland. Credit: Andy Maclachlan.

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December 11 2014

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border crossing scotland
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November 10 2014

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October 07 2014

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October 05 2014

Adam Bruce, future King of Scotland?

October 01 2014

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September 30 2014

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